Friday, August 5, 2011

Back again...

Ok, so I did mention before how bad I am at updating this thing, maybe now everyone will believe me!
Cant believe its been so long since I last wrote on here, I have no excuses so I wont even try. Anyway, what's been happening since I last wrote;

- Winter is here although I'm not entirely sure that daytime temps that dont fall below 10 degrees actually counts as winter. Saying that, its often below that in my house in the mornings so I guess that covers it. I dont know if I've mentioned it before but seriously NZ, why are your houses sooo cold? My house isnt even old so should have at least some insulation but, when you have single glazing and heating that isnt more than an oversized hand drier even a 'warmer than your used to' winter can seem really cold. I often have to wear more clothes inside than I do out which surely cant be right!!

- I'm on the move again. Not quite so far this time but I"m off to live in Auckland. Small town NZ has beaten me and I'm craving civilisation. I have a new job starting next month and now just have to find somewhere to live...which is the tricky part. But, as my new mantra goes, Im sure it'll all be ok.

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